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Is It Important to Get Tested for STD’s Before Having an Abortion?

At Assure Women's Center, we only provide testing for two sexually transmitted diseases, chlamydia and gonorrhea. We also only provide this testing to our patients who receive a positive result on the pregnancy test.  Why is this? And, why do we only test for these two diseases? Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are the two most common STD's out there today. They are bacterial diseases which commonly reside in the vaginal opening. We feel that it is imperative for the pregnant women that come to us to know if they have either one of these two diseases, particularly if they are considering having an abortion. Let me explain why. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are dangerous even if they remain outside the body. However, d more

Giving You The Information You Need!

At Assure Women's Center, we are committed to giving you the answers you need. Only you can make the final decision concerning the outcome of your pregnancy. However, in order to do so you need reliable information. The first step is to discover if you are really pregnant. Assure purchases the most reliable pregnancy tests on the market, which are run by one of the excellent members of our medical team. Sometimes women come to us before the results of a pregnancy test can be accurate. It is best to wait until one has missed a period before taking a test. Then, the directions specified by the test's manufacturers must be followed exactly. If the pregnancy test is positive,  then an ultrasound can be done to answer another vital question: more

What Makes Assure Women’s Center Special?

Assure Women's Center has existed in the Omaha area for nearly 30 years. They have gained a great reputation for helping women when they find themselves facing a pregnancy and are not sure what to do.  Assure has helped thousands of women to find accurate facts about their pregnancy and to find the best next step for them to take. What makes Assure so special? First of all, all their services are free. Funding is provided by people in the Omaha community that think all women should be able to have access to basic information about their pregnancy, regardless of their ability to pay. Second, the pregnancy tests and ultrasounds are performed by experienced medical professionals. They are also able to give valuable information about the more

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What Are the Signs That You Might Be Pregnant?

When is the right time to call and get a pregnancy test? What symptoms should you be looking for? The most important sign is that you have missed your period. In most women, this means they are far enough along for a pregnancy test to be accurate. Before that time, even if other symptoms occur, the test will most likely not produce accurate results. What are some of the other symptoms of early pregnancy? The most common are: feeling queasy (or even outright sick) either first thing in the morning or all day, breast tenderness, frequent urination, feeling more tired than normal, being light-headed or dizzy, and craving certain foods. While it is true that some women have a little bleeding well into their pregnancy, this is rare. Spotting in early pregnancy is not uncommon, but a full, h more

Why Are Assure Women’s Center’s Services Free?

Assure Women's Center knows that discovering one is pregnant can be a vulnerable and scary time. Therefore, Assure wants to make sure that every woman, regardless of her ability to pay, has a safe place where they can find out if they are pregnant or not. At Assure, access is given to accurate medical information. Going to an emergency room or to a doctor, even for advise, can be expensive. Every women who comes to Assure is able to speak to a medical professional and find the answers they need. Assure is funded by individuals in the Omaha area that care about women. Many found themselves in similar situations at some point in their lives and now want to help others. Their generosity is greatly appreciated! If you think you might be more

Assure Women’s Center: Three Locations to Serve You!

Assure Women's Center has been serving the Omaha community for over 30 years. However, we now have three locations in order to serve you better. In Omaha, we have our spacious office at 6510 Sorensen Parkway, as well as one near 144th and F Streets, just south of Oakview Mall. And, as of January of 2018, we opened a lovely office at 320 McKenzie Avenue, on the east side of Council Bluffs. All three of our offices offer the same great services. If you think you might be pregnant, you can have a  pregnancy test followed by an ultrasound if the test is positive. We even do some limited STD testing if the medical professionals determine it is needed. Information is avail more

How Soon After Birth Can You Get Pregnant Again?

You've just given birth to a new baby! Your little one is only three months old, but you feel like you might be pregnant again. Is that possible? Yes it is. Some experts say that unless a woman is breastfeeding full time, the time right after giving birth can be one of the most fertile. Therefore, caution needs to be taken. Of course, it is not recommended to resume sex until at least four weeks after giving birth (6 weeks if you've had a C-section.) However, after that point, a new pregnancy could easily occur. If you think you might be pregnant, Assure Women's Center is your best first step! We can provide a free pregnancy test, as well as an ultrasound so you can know exactly how far along you are and to determine if the pregnancy is viable (will continue.) We would more

If You are a Teenager, Does Your Parent Need to Come With You for a Pregnancy Test?

You are sixteen and you think you might be pregnant. You want to call Assure Women's Center to find out for sure. However, you don't want your mother to find out. What should you do? Actually, the law states that young women are considered as adults as far as getting help with reproductive matters. That includes pregnancy tests. Not only can you come alone for our services, but it is against HIPAA regulations for anyone to tell your parents without your consent. No matter how old you are, pregnancy is a big area to tackle all by yourself. Therefore, it might be a good idea to include a parent or grandparent (or even an aunt or other trusted friend or relative) in what is going on.  However, at Assure you can get a pregnancy test and an ultrasound even if y more

Should You Get a Pregnancy Test if Your Period Lasted Only One or Two Days?

Your periods are usually normal. Yet last month it only lasted one or two days. Should you be concerned? Do you need a pregnancy test? Well, it all depends. In that short time, was your flow heavy or was it light? Shorter periods are sometimes normal. And, the heavier it was, the more likely it is that you are probably not pregnant. Another question you need to consider is if you are on some type of hormonal birth control (pill, patch, ring, etc.) With some of these it is normal to have a shorter and lighter period (or even none at all.) No matter what, it is probably smart to wait and see what happens with your next period. In the great majority of cases, if you are pregnant your period will stop altogether. Your body needs sufficient time to build up enough of the Hcg factor that urin more

Sometimes It Helps to Talk to a Compassionate Stranger

I don't know about you, but sometimes I find it easier to tell things to strangers than those I know the best, especially when I think my news might bring disappointment or pain to those I love. At Assure Women's Center, we seek to be "compassionate strangers" to those who think they might be pregnant, but want to get accurate, honest answers before telling the people they love. Under some circumstances, an unexpected pregnancy can cause strong feelings in family members and partners. Sometimes it is good to talk things through with a person who is a professional, but is also a caring and a compassionate listener. If you think you might be pregnant, but need clear answers given without judgment or condemnation,  Assure is the place for you.  Facts an more

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