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Do YOU Need Assure Women’s Center?

Who needs Assure Women’s Center? When you look up pregnancy on the internet it is full of options. However, how can you decide which will be the best one for you?

Assure Women’s Center provides all the things you need if you think you might be pregnant: a free pregnancy test, a free early, obstetric ultrasound and, for those actually test positive, free limited STD testing (for chlamydia and gonorrhea only) and treatment. We exist for the woman who thinks she might be pregnant but needs to have some vital answers before she makes a decision as to what she wants to do. Is she pregnant? If so, how far along is she? And, does she have an STD?

Wading through all the decisions necessary with an unplanned pregnancy can be very confusing. A pregnancy can affect so many people beyond the woman herself. What will her boyfriend or husband think? How about her parents? Even friends sometimes play a role.

A new baby can affect so many things. However, first a woman needs to find out if she is actually pregnant. A good, reliable pregnancy test, done by a medical professional is a great first step. Then, an ultrasound is necessary to discover if the pregnancy is actually viable, or will continue. Up to 30% of all early pregnancies are lost to miscarriage or some other type of malady.

It is vital for a woman to know if she has chlamydia or gonorrhea before she has an abortion. Both of these diseases can lurk at the opening of the cervix. A surgical abortion can carry those STD’s up into the uterus, where they can develop into pelvic inflammatory disease and worse. It is good to get tested before that decision is even made.

At Assure Women’s Center our doors are open wide for everyone who thinks they might be pregnant and needs good, reliable, medical information. We also provide compassionate and non-judgmental information. To set up a free, confidential appointment at either of our two offices in Omaha or our new location in Council Bluffs, please call 402-397-0600.

If you think you might be pregnant, Assure Women’s Center is Your Best First Step!

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