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Reasons Why Assure Does Only Limited STD Testing

Assure Women’s Center is designed to be the best first step for women facing an unplanned pregnancy. All our┬áservices are designed for that purpose. We offer free pregnancy testing to find out if a woman is truly pregnant. A free ultrasound is offered to determine how far along the woman is and if the pregnancy is viable (will continue) or not. As an added feature, we do offer some limited STD testing for those women who test positive for pregnancy and that we think will be especially at risk if they have an STD.

What do we mean by that? Women who test positive for pregnancy and are considering abortion need to know if they STD’s, particularly if they have chlamydia or gonorrhea. Often, the outbreak with these occurs in the vaginal area. If a woman gets a surgical abortion, the infected cells can be pulled up into the uterus, making the chances of developing pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), more likely.

Since Assure provides all its services for free, it is cost prohibitive for us to provide a full panel of STD testing. It is better for women to go to an STD clinic that specializes in this. In turn, we will continue to be the Best First Step for a woman who thinks she might be pregnant!

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