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Considering a blood test?  Having blood drawn is definitely accurate for all women.

Almost every week, someone comes to Assure Women’s Center and tells us that urine pregnancy tests do not work for them. They tell us of previous pregnancies that didn’t show up on a pregnancy test until they were a few months along, or that a similar situation happened to other family members or friends. This caused us to do some research to find out if there truly was a segment of the population for whom urine pregnancy tests simply do not work.

In our research (and we went to quite a few medical websites) we fully expected to find that a certain percentage of women just can’t use urine tests; that, for various reasons, they need to have blood drawn for accurate results. Actually, what we discovered is that almost 100% of all women should have an accurate result with a urine test when their period is at least two weeks late.

Assure Pregnancy Tests

At Assure Women’s Center, we urge women to wait until they have missed at least one period before they come in for a pregnancy test. At that point (when the period is 4-7 days late) approximately 75% of all women should test positive if they are pregnant. With HCG levels, even one day (in some cases, even a few hours!) can make a big difference.

The concentration of the urine can also make a big difference. Urine samples that are taken first thing in the morning, before any fluids have been consumed, have the best chance of providing enough HCG to test positive. By the end of the day, urine can become quite diluted.

There are also women who come to us stating that they have had a positive result at home, but receive a negative test with us. This could be due to the reason above: their urine might be diluted by the fluids they have consumed during the day. Or, they may have left their pregnancy test out for a long period of time. As the urine evaporates, it can sometimes result in a “false positive.” It is important to read the box of any test you take and to throw the test away when the recommended time has expired.

So, if you think you are pregnant, but have taken a test with a negative result, the following factors could be at play:

1) You are taking your test too early (wait at least 4 days after you have missed a period,)  and

2) Try using a first morning sample before consuming any beverages.

If you have missed a period and think you might be pregnant, our medical team will be happy to provide you with a free pregnancy test. We purchase the best urine-based tests that we can find. If your results are positive, we can also provide a free ultrasound so you can find our exactly how far along you are.

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