Pregnancy Testing

If you have had unprotected (or even protected) sex and think you might be pregnant, we are your best first step.

A missed period is often the first sign of pregnancy. Other early pregnancy symptoms include tender or swollen breasts, fatigue, a need to urinate frequently, food cravings or aversions, and nausea.

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STD/STI Testing

If you are sexually active, it’s possible you could have an STI (sexually transmitted infection) or an STD (sexually transmitted disease). If left untreated, sexually transmitted infections can cause severe damage to your body.
You don’t have to have symptoms to be contagious; you can spread or contract the disease without even knowing.

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Once you have taken a positive pregnancy test at Assure Women’s Center, your next best step is to receive a limited obstetric ultrasound.

An ultrasound can confirm whether you have a viable (developing) pregnancy and the gestational date (how far along you are).

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