Once you have taken a positive pregnancy test at Assure Women’s Center, your next best step is to receive a limited obstetric ultrasound.

An ultrasound can confirm whether you have a viable (developing) pregnancy and the gestational date (how far along you are).

What Does Ultrasound Do?

There’s so much more to know about your pregnancy that only an ultrasound can reveal.

An ultrasound is an imaging procedure using echoes from high-frequency sound waves to reveal the contents of your uterus. An image forms on a computer screen from the echoes of the sound waves, and our sonographers can observe those images and explain what they’re seeing.

Why Do I Need An Ultrasound?

While a positive pregnancy test can indicate pregnancy, the only way to confirm if your pregnancy is viable is through an ultrasound. This information is imperative to the decision-making process, no matter what option you’re considering.

Ultrasound answers three critical questions:

  • Is my pregnancy viable? In other words, is the pregnancy growing with a detectable fetal heartbeat?
  • How far along am I? Ultrasound can closely date your pregnancy to determine how many days or weeks you’ve been pregnant.
  • Is my pregnancy located in the correct place? Some pregnancies implant in the wrong area. This type of pregnancy is called ectopic and may be life-threatening.

Additionally, this procedure can expose the possibility that you may or already have miscarried. Experts say up to 20% of known pregnancies end in a natural miscarriage. Only ultrasound can determine if you’ve miscarried.

If you want an abortion, you’ll need to obtain proof of pregnancy and learn how far along you are to determine which type of procedure you can have.

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