Happy Woman | Pregnancy Test Answers

Your periods are usually normal. Yet last month it only lasted one or two days. Should you be concerned? Do you need a pregnancy test?

Well, it all depends. In that short time, was your flow heavy or was it light? Shorter periods are sometimes normal. And, the heavier it was, the more likely it is that you are probably not pregnant.

Another question you need to consider is if you are on some type of hormonal birth control (pill, patch, ring, etc.) With some of these it is normal to have a shorter and lighter period (or even none at all.)

No matter what, it is probably smart to wait and see what happens with your next period. In the great majority of cases, if you are pregnant your period will stop altogether. Your body needs sufficient time to build up enough of the Hcg factor that urine pregnancy tests need in order to be positive. If it is too early, you could have a false negative test.

If you are convinced you are pregnant, please call our helpline at 402-397-0600 in order to set up an appointment for a free pregnancy test. If it is positive, and you are far enough along, you can also get a free ultrasound. Assure Women’s Center is Your Best First Step!


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