What age can you have sex in Nebraska or Iowa?

Each state has set a certain age limit for when young people can have sex. Below that age, the state assumes that the boy or girl is not old enough to give permission for sex. In other words, it is assumed that they do not understand what having sex means and need to be protected.

Legal Age for Sex in Nebraska

In the state of Nebraska, individuals (no matter which gender) cannot have sex if they are 15 or under. If they do so, charges can be filed against the person having sex with them, particularly if that person is older. There is no age set for this in Nebraska. For instance, if the girl is 15 and the boy is 16, he can be charged with statutory rape.

Legal Age for Sex in Iowa

In Iowa, the age for consent is also 15 and under. However, if the partner is less than 4 years older, they will not be charged. So, if the girl is 14 and the boy is younger than 18, no crime will be charged.

These laws apply to both boys and girls. Rather than wanting to punish, these laws are set up to protect innocent young people from older predators that might want to take advantage of them.


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