woman considering abortion

Just this last week, on May 19, the Nebraska Unicameral passed a 12-week ban on abortion. It included an emergency clause, which means it will become law on Monday, May 22 when Nebraska’s governor signs it.

What does that mean for anyone in Nebraska considering abortion at 12 weeks? To begin with, the 12 weeks starts at the first day of a woman’s last period. At that point, abortions are not allowed.

There are some exceptions to this. This law does not prohibit abortions if there has been rape or incest. If there is an ectopic pregnancy, treatment is allowed. In addition, an abortion can occur to save the life of the mother.

As with all abortion laws, it is not the woman seeking an abortion that will be punished if this law is broken. The doctor involved is the one who could face prosecution or losing their license.

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