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Do I Need to Take A Blood Test to Find Out if I Am Pregnant?

Almost every week, someone comes to Assure Women’s Center and tells us that urine pregnancy tests do not work for them. They tell us of previous pregnancies that didn’t show up on a pregnancy test until they were a few months along, or that a similar situation happened to other family members. This caused us to do some research … Continued

We Have Three Offices to Serve You!

Assure Women’s Center (formerly AAA CPC) has been in the Omaha area for close to 30 years! We have been at our present location at 6510 Sorensen Parkway for 8 years, providing women with a beautiful location in which to find out from medical professionals if they are pregnant and how far along they are before … Continued

Do YOU Need Assure Women’s Center?

Who needs Assure Women’s Center? When you look up pregnancy on the internet it is full of options. However, how can you decide which will be the best one for you? Assure Women’s Center provides all the things you need if you think you might be pregnant: a free pregnancy test, a free early, obstetric … Continued

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